Soul's Midwifie



"Before my session, I wasn't participating in my life. Now, as a result of my session I have the firm belief I am here to live this life and participate in my life. I feel lighter and powerful." HH, Knoxville, TN


"I wanted to thank you for your work. At this point I'm functioning the best I have ever done. Things aren't perfect, but considering what I experienced growing up, it is now pretty... Life has a better flow...The idea of not having to worry about people or things coming at you - a supervisor in a bad mood or an irate customer - is a nice place to be. A friend of mine, a good intuitive, said she found it remarkable that I got through it alive. I thought that it was funny that a petite, lady healer, you, was more powerful than any of it."
EO, Cincinnati, OH


"Please know that I can not recall a time in my life when I felt more at peace with me and the world than after my session with you...I have handled stress much better and even worked a record number of hours. My husband says he can tell a big difference in me. Thank you again for the difference you have made in my life." DS, Canton, NC


"Just wanted to mention a few significant changes that occurred as a result of the healing session you did for me. A number of things/issues that were very emotional painful are no longer painful. The pain is simply gone... I used to be very protective of my energy, avoiding a lot of things I no longer feel I have to avoid. It used to be that I always wanted to sit at a table at a restaurant where I could have my back to the wall. I no longer feel that need. It's very nice and freeing...I had a car accident. I held together pretty well and was reasonably back together within a few hours, and pretty much all back in a few days. I know I am stronger and more resilient because of the healing you did. There are probably lots of other things, but those are the high points." - AR, Cincinnati, OH


"I'm enjoying my work and playtime and my health has improved tremendously. I've been able to decrease my prescription Meds from 18 to 3! My doctor is amazed." - KA, Columbus, OH




Understanding A Session – The Healing Process
  • Clear personal issues.
  • Release reoccurring programs and karmic attachments.
  • Discover how your past lives or past events are influencing your life today.
  • Unravel conflicting thoughts.
  • Understand and disengage family patterns.

A Soul Light Healing Session allows you to embark on a unique journey of self-truth by discovering the hidden portions of your soul. Its purpose is to help you integrate your whole being with your Higher Self.

During your session, we will address four main areas of patterns, which have become imprinted in your cellular structure and energy field. These blockages are duality consciousness, missing parts of your soul, cording threads,  also known as aka cords, and programs from past lives or experiences. Addressing and releasing these four areas of blockages in one session will create a synergistic pathway to the Higher Self. Every session is geared to be unique to the individual based on his/her varying life circumstances.

Forest Stairs -aka chordsDuality Consciousness is reinforced thoughts reoccurring over time, sometimes many lifetimes, formed out of adverse feelings and emotions about a past event. They are the energies which our subconscious mind uses to mirror out our lessons to master unconditional love. These thought forms are the greatest obstacles to achieving our life purpose and can produce a myriad of hindrances to health, prosperity, success, creativity, and relationships. Empowered thought forms or duality consciousness can also be responsible for the family attitudes and behavior patterns passed from one generation to another, commonly known as "the sins of the father”. Bringing duality consciousness into balance can achieve generational healing. It decodes the psychic distress and conflicts inherited from our ancestors. Some scientists and therapists are now calling this biodecoding of illness, biogenealogy.

The missing portions or parts of our soul
are pieces of ourselves, which separated as a result of a trauma. These shadow parts or fragments remain stuck in times and emotions of the past, and represent portions of us, which we have been unable to forgive. As former portions of ourselves, they act like ghosts within our fields.

When we are unable to have closure with another person or feel responsible for their welfare in any way, even if it is done with love, we create invisible, connecting ties or cording threads to that person. These cording threads, aka cords, draw energy back and forth from that person to you. This results in behavior patterns which do not belong to us.

The fourth area, to be cleared are programs of repeating lessons, situations, and people from the past, or what is commonly referred to as the "karma" we have created. Past lives may simply be stories our subconscious mind has been impressed with, in order to create interesting ways to grasp our life lessons.

BUTTERFLYTo achieve the best healing session, I will be explaining we are creating an amazing tapestry in story form, which serves as a vehicle to view your life and challenges. As we travel together, we will continually develop communication with your Higher Self to better understand your issues.

I will be asking questions about accidents, illness, surgeries, and major life events, which have affected you. As you begin sharing information I will be paying attention to not only the way your body feels energetically, but also your mental interpretations. Empathetically matching my body response to your energy provides me with additional information in determining where blockages and tensions have become lodged in your cellular structure. Also, if I can reflect out matching patterns from my body, I can act as a mirror to help raise your awareness about energy patterns that are affecting you. I will also show you exactly what I mean by a cellular pattern, by using etheric hand scanning. Throughout your session I will be using etheric hand scanning to determine how your body is shifting as a result from energies we have released.

After our initial discussion, I will help guide you on a fascinating journey to begin the process. As we set sail on your voyage, we will be exploring the importance of symbols. These symbols relate to your mission and purpose, and are used as keys to access information and dimensional realities.

During the session, you are in a heightened state of awareness, which aids you in understanding your blocks. While the conscious mind receives information at an accelerated rate, the subconscious mind will be able to relate various thoughts and feelings, with the Higher Self or superconscious mind simultaneously decoding belief systems. This allows us to move quickly and easily to decipher information, which otherwise during a normal awakened state would involve tedious and lengthy procedures.

The subconscious mind retains all the records of information of where and who you have been. Your subconscious mind with the assistance of the Higher Self will shine out a roadmap or the patterns, we need to access. Your session may include rooting out karmic disorders, unplugging from duality consciousness and releasing other energy interferences, aiding lost souls and clearing fragments, accessing space connections, disconnecting binding ties, traveling from conception to present, and anywhere you may have been as a soul to understand your relationship to Source or God. Based on your needs, you may remove long-standing difficulties, emotional blocks, traumas, curses, entities, or realize your soul purpose. Clearing these cellular patterns or imprints, allows your cells to return to a state of ease, renewal, and grace.

LAUGHING DOLPHINThroughout your session, the angelic realms will help create ease and grace. The power of light, sound, color, and symbols are important transformational techniques and energies to be utilized during your session. Releasing energetic patterns and distortions in your nervous system and internal organs are also beneficial methods we will cover to help renew your system. Angel guides and healers will also be assigned to you to continue the healing process on all four levels of your being after the session.

It is important to remember that your journey will be a wonderful adventure or story. This allows the conscious mind to set aside its challenges and rationalizations so that an easy gateway to the subconscious and superconscious mind becomes available.

We will maintain a running dialogue with the energies being addressed in your session. I will hold a secure, space so that you can safely converse with these energies. Any missing parts or of yourself addressed during your session will be integrated, healed, back at end of your session.

Anticipating your session you may be concerned about attachments, issues, thought forms, and/or duality consciousness. How is it possible, as a spiritual being seeking oneness that such energies could be with you?

And how is it possible that there could be such different living beings and energies in other dimensional realities that you may have visited in your soul sojourns?

There are many things in the universe all of us do not understand, and perhaps never will. Maybe, just understanding one more bit of the puzzle at a time is enough, but isn't fun and exciting to investigate new vistas and dimensions. Perhaps discovering these dimensions and parts is the ultimate high because you can unlock the keys to yourself.

Many scientists now believe it would be presumptuous to think we are the only life forms existing on a planet in this galaxy or any other galaxy. Consider the possibility that within our individual energy fields, there are other energies or patterns that exist simultaneously including lifetimes and lost souls. As we grow and shift or become aware of these energies, we free ourselves and those energies to a higher frequency of vibration. Talking to attachments, thought forms, other forms of life, and angels within our fields, and ourselves can be explained as archetypes of the collective unconscious in each of us. Dialoguing with such energies opens the door for healing and transformation. Attachments or duality consciousness in your field can be another way of saying we are acknowledging and healing the dark parts of ourselves. They may even represent the different opposites within you, which need to be balanced. All of us learn and grow through dualities, and evolution transpires through balancing.

During the session, we will examine easier ways to communicate with your subconscious mind and higher self, so that you can have working tools to utilize in your daily living. I will lovingly hold an open space, with no predicted outcome for you. This will enable you to shift in consciousness wherever you need to be. The closure of your session will be reserved for developing trust and clear, direct, communication with your Higher Self.

What a precious gift changing, shifting your perceptions, and growing lighter can be!

Consider for a moment that you are free. Imagine you understand realities, and truths are clear to you. This can be rather fun! Maintaining a sense of humor throughout your experience is beneficial. The more you can laugh and enjoy the adventure the greater the journey.