2. 2010, A Year to Explore Your Self-Worth
  3. Finding Purpose
  5. Ghosts and Soul Rescue
  6. Changing times: Moving into Light
  7. Is Water Calling You This Summer

10. Are You in Touch With Your Soul?

11. Continuation Are You in Touch With Your Soul?

12. A Blending of energies

13. Continuation A Blending of energies

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New Shifts - A Blending of Energies

As 2012 approaches there are going to be more changes on our planet. How do we maintain a balance in a world that is changing day to day?

This is a time in our evolutionary expression that we are learning to combine the male and female aspects of our being. It is a time of honoring that we are not just souls housed in a female body or a male body, but spiritual beings learning to honor and create with both aspects of our being. The blending of female and male energy is a new way of functioning and expressing ourselves at a higher level. It is a way of living that sees and acts beyond prejudice, hatred, fear, and financial reward. It is a bowing, a surrendering to our individual Divine Essence, the Higher Power that resides within each of us, learning to trust and express it.

How many of us doubt our own feelings or intuition especially when it says “no” to buying a car or a home, being with a mate that we feel we desire, or going down a certain road? Yet, in hindsight if we had listened to that whisper or feelings we wouldn’t be faced with many of the dilemmas in our lives. Let’s face it, all of us have doubted at least once those signs, whispers, pricklies on the neck, and butterflies in our stomach. We have doubted our own Higher Existence and expression. continuation from newsletter

In our society more value and monies are spent on looking beautiful, feeling sensory good, and creating illusions with spiritual welfare and healing being a low priority. How many of us wait to acknowledge, face our own fears and shadows hoping that if we push it aside it will go away? Yet our own spirituality is the first line of defense to staying healthy. All physical ailments first appear as fears, traumas, and misalignments in the spiritual body of our energy field.

Our physical welfare now depends on changing our awareness. The chaos in our world is the residual effects of living in a society, which favors a male, logical, left-brained dominated society. A society, which favors if it isn’t solid or physical, like a table it doesn’t exist. Yet, in our history we haven’t fared much better just being a matriarchal society. Someone has always imposed some kind of dominance, inequality, greed, or lack of self-worth whether in a patriarchal or matriarchal society.

For the first time in human history we are creating an opportunity to shift from duality and experience what it means to be creative beings in accordance with the aspects of the Father, Mother God. This is about the opportunity to realize we are responsible for our own creations, thoughts, beliefs, and that suffering doesn’t have to be a given. Our recent interest in books and movies such as The DaVinci Code and the role of Mary Magdalene with Jesus, choices of female Prime Ministers, Secretary’s of State, Governors, CEOs and political candidates emphasis and speak of learning to work from both the male and female aspect. We are learning how to blend our female and male energies, honor our Higher Power, and attune to the awareness that as human beings we are a magnificent blend of spiritual energy, each individually unique with special talents. It means going beyond viewing and labeling ourselves as black or white, female or male, gay or heterosexual, handicapped or full faculties, single or married, rich or poor, a celebrity or just an extraordinary human being, and young or old.

During our time of transition in awakening to a new awareness finding center and honoring our sacred presence daily becomes even more significant. This is a process of trusting and surrendering to the spark within each one of us, the Divine Essence. Acknowledging, appreciating, affirming and loving that presence, which is within each one of us, can keep us steady on our course. It can be the focal point or the anchor of Light, which gives us the ability to remain calm amidst the storm. Loving and appreciating our life force means saying verbally to ourselves that we love ourselves no matter what mistakes we feel we have made. This acknowledgement affirms the Divine Presence within us. It also means that we are willing to take opportunities to heal ourselves.

Each one of us overlooks the resources we have at hand and within to accomplish the challenge of living on this planet. We sometimes forget that by reaching out in compassion to someone else we are supporting ourselves. We expect we have to have numerous talents, gain greater knowledge and techniques or have vast financial resources to help another. Sometimes all that is needed is kindness, a smile or a hand held out to some else to listen or accompany them for a moment.

As souls we would have never taken on the challenge of accomplishing this great shift in spiritual awareness if it wasn’t already a given or even in our imaginations that we could accomplish this next higher phase. This is a matter of trusting, yielding, to our own soul’s potential and purpose. The trusting is finally recognizing that we are eternal beings and our Higher Selves would only support us on such a journey to success.

We have the additional resource of having more Angels, Ascended Beings, the enlightened Bodhisattvas, and other great souls gathering, attuning, and supporting us to meet this shift in awareness.

Decide on a course of action for finding center. Make a commitment to fitting it into your daily schedule. Create an individual Master plan for yourself to honor your sacred presence. If you are better with prayer and reflection as opposed to meditation and journaling add this as a definite must to your daily routine. Ask your Higher Presence to guide you. Allow time to read inspirational writings or scripture. Whatever it is consistently practice going within to experience your own inner resources. Set your own course and stick to it. Speak, acknowledge and listen to your Higher Self, Higher Power or God Presence. It does take practice, but over time it pays dividends.

“Your spiritual power lies in passing through the barriers of your own fears”. I invite you to experience finding and acknowledging the magnificence of your Divine Presence with Soul Light Healing, TRIOM Touch Healing, Awareness Coaching, and Past Life Regressions.

Are You in Touch With Your Soul?

Are You in Touch With Your Soul?

Discover How Connected You Are to Your Soul

Reach Your Soul Potential

Is Technology Affecting Your Ability to Be Authentic?

Steps to remaining AuthenticThere is an old adage, “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Generations of humans have witnessed the significance of this saying when our governments have ended years of cover-ups, scientists have made new discoveries, and our history books have been rewritten. With instant global communication at our fingertips we have entered a new era, the Age of Truth. What is the impact of this technological development on our ability to be authentic, be present with each other, and connect with our souls? How can we support ourselves during this change of global awareness and technological advances? To explore these answers understanding the impact of global awareness and Internet access is beneficial. Contained in the article are steps to take for being authentic and present, and a free audio meditation which investigates the connection to our individual soul pontential.

We have witnessed the embarrassment, shame, and humiliation our politicians and other prominent people have suffered along with their families for not acting responsibly for their words, actions, deeds, and even email communications. Much to our dismay we have seen our younger adults and children having less opportunity to develop social etiquette and communication skills such as learning to converse and listen with authenticity to another human being. Sometimes it has become easier to email or text someone than to speak on the phone or visit a friend. For some, texting has become an obsession to the point of distraction for their own welfare and the concern of others. Are we possibly losing the importance of human touch? Are we losing the ability to connect soul to soul: that feeling we receive when someone reaches out to touch you by holding your hand, embracing you, or even lightly touching you on the shoulder as a gesture of support or comfort? As newborn babies we crave the tender touch of our mothers and another human being. Our first sensory development and request as we emerge from the womb is to touch. Doctors and nurses in the delivery rooms have continually attested to the need of newborns to grab and touch. As our loved ones begin their journey to leave the Earth plane we notice they may have lost their hearing, taste, or sight. Yet in most cases, their sense of touch still seems to be active. Touch is important for our survival. __Continuation__

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Can the obsessive texting and use of the cell phone be the outgrowth of our own lack of self-worth and distrust to connect or touch our own beingness? Does it signal that the more we rampantly use technology the more we feel empty and are really craving the connection with our souls? What does this say about our addictions and cravings?

Yet at the same time, with all these observations, it’s exciting to witness that instant global communication is creating a new era of truth. We are learning deeper truths and to become more responsible for our words and actions. The possibilities for this new planetary transformation and awakening are endless. We are awakening to realities of “We are Creators”, and “ the I am Presence” being activated.

So until we can understand all the global ramifications of the changes we are undergoing in our awareness what can we do to support our growth and unfolding awareness of truth, self-worth, and also the growth of our loved ones?

One thing we can do is practice being present. We can become more aware of our thoughts. Monitoring our thoughts gives us the opportunity to grow. Just as we know that ‘we are what we eat’, our thoughts reflect what needs to be heard, processed, understood, healed, and released. An unruly mind is an undisciplined mind, and our minds become more disciplined by practicing mindfulness. If your mind is not quiet you can take steps to let go of your emotional baggage. Commit to supporting yourself. We can ask to go deeper within ourselves to draw upon untapped resources for developing more patience and compassion. Become a model to your children by learning and practicing meditation. Demonstrate the importance of going within to find center and guidance. Practice silence and listening to others. Smile and be kind to yourself and others. Reach out to another human being in compassion whether it is through volunteering or just to help an animal, a neighbor in need, or the environment.

What are the ways you are creating support, authenticity, and truth during this transformational period of awareness? I welcome your comments.

I invite you to listen to a Free audio meditation, which can foster trust, self-worth, and connecting to your soul potential. This meditation is available for you free until July18. It is gift for you. Copyright 2011 Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman


Is Water Calling You This Summer?

Why do people flock to the beach during the summer or feel compelled to exercise more and experience the outdoors? When it’s hot why does the flow of water cascading from a fountain sing to us? What is your soul and body calling you to do?

Summer time naturally expresses the reminder from our soul and physical bodies to practice being more fluid. This reminder calls us to drink more ice tea, go to the ocean, take a dip in the pool or the lake to cool the discomfort of hot temperatures. As we gravitate to finding more water we are reminded to do what our bodies are asking for to partner with our souls to seek balance by becoming more fluid.

Scientists tell us that the human brain is composed of 70% water, with our lungs being nearly 90 percent water, and bones being made of 10 to 15% water. Our blood is nearly 83% water, which aids us in digesting food and transporting waste. As babies our bodies are composed of anywhere from 75 to 80% water. In adulthood as our bodies age our water percentage decreases anywhere to 50 to 65% with women having a lesser percentage of water within their bodies than men. Our survival depends on reinforcing what we naturally are, by consuming water in some form. As adults we wish we could have the spontaneity and the lightness of our children. Is this because children are more fluid?

Water is a conductor of electricity. By becoming more fluid we are actually able to bring in more Light into our physical bodies, which in turn gives us a greater ability to raise our vibration. We can partner with our bodies in other ways to increase our fluidity.

Contained within our fluidity are reservoirs for self-acceptance and self-love. These reservoirs are part of our make-up because we are from the same spark as the Universe, Creator, God or however we refer to the Life Force. By our innate nature of being sparks, the stuff of the Universe, we are capable of being fiery beings, eruptive, explosive, and having volcano like temperaments. Yet past that temperament within is also a stillness, gentleness, a centeredness, or a blending of energies. All the elements of the Creator are contained within us. When we bring those two aspects of ourselves together to balance, we experience fluidity or a union. It’s formula is equivalent to what happens to us a on a hot, summery day to seek water to restore coolness, and temperature balance.

Although many of us experience moments of unworthiness and doubting our own Light, we can learn to draw from this well of acceptance and love by restoring balance or practicing fluidity in our lives. Simply by becoming more fluid we automatically bring in more Light. Within the Light are the reservoirs of energy, love, acceptance, appreciation, and being unconditional.

Check your body weight and verify you are drinking the proper amount of water for your weight. Take opportunities to experience the fluidity of water either by taking a leisurely bath, a swim during coming summer days, or taking a mini-vacation in your imagination of swimming with the dolphins. Do as many things possible to experience and support that fluidity. Watch how you feel, react, and any experience of having more openness, space, or calmness. Observe your own Lightness. Being more fluid, allows you to be in the moment.

Besides seeking greater amounts of water, you can partner with your body and soul to enhance your fluidity. Experience or learn the healing, peaceful touch of TRIOM. Using a light touch of only 6 seconds, the TRIOM Touch increases the fluid flow of energy between the 3 aspects of your being, the Higher Self, the Body and Mind, and your emotions. TRIOM Touch is an easy and quick method, which offers a wonderful resource to help you and your family, and clients bring more Light into your energy field, and deal with toxins, allergies, environmental concerns, pain, and almost every illness. TRIOM can increase your ability to heal. It activates the Light Centers within your energy field and body to restore harmony, peace, and calmness. Two workshops on TRIOM, the Basic and Advanced, are being offered this month.

For more information go to www.soulsmidwife.com/calendar

Changing times: Moving into Light

Having access to more information than ever before is now opening us to new layers of discovery within ourselves. These layers of discovery are moving us from a wound consciousness of anger, shame, resentment and other injuries toward forgiveness and compassion, to understanding our own soul history journey.

For years, our sacred wounds carried lifetime after lifetime, seemed incomprehensible to heal. Energy healing techniques we were using were based on quantity of energy, feeling that in order to heal we had to use and expend more energy. But the doors to incomprehension have been thrown open with 2012 approaching. We have entered the Age of Light. Working with the Light, our healing is accelerated. Healing becomes based on the qualitative nature of Light as opposed to previous quantitative amounts of energy. We have begun the leap in consciousness from staying in our levels of comfort, stagnating in the shadows and fear of the unknown to moving to an awareness of ourselves. This is the journey to recognizing that although we may be human beings having a limited physical experience, we have access to infinite and eternal sources of the Light.

In my healing practice, I am progressively seeing more and more clients open to spiritual healing. Some of these clients have never been open before to this type of healing, while others want to heal deeper in their consciousness. They all seem to share common denominators: They are no longer content with licking their wounds and have opened themselves to believing it is possible to heal the wounds carried from their past and from lifetime to lifetime. They also want to understand who they are and the potential and power for whom they are becoming. Their new intention is asking for their minds to be quiet in service to their soul and heart, instead of their previous direction of being ruled by the untamed clutter of the mind.

It is truly an amazing time to be alive in our history. Now it a qualitative perception of allowing the Light, and trusting its intelligence and divine essence, to make all the adjustments that are needed in a moment to heal.

Although many of us would rather not experience some of the earth changes we have witnessed within the previous months, recognize that all roads lead to Spirit’s perfection. We are living on a planet of choices. The earth changes are a means of exploration within our being. The earth is merely reflecting back to us what we have been feeling inside, and not chosen to release and acknowledge. She is releasing her toxins, much as we do after over indulging or having an inappropriate meal. Instead of becoming lost in the waves of destruction, illness, and shadows, we can make a commitment to ourselves to recycle our own being in a different way. We can elect to acknowledge our own presence and Light. In doing so, we can consciously choose gratitude for all upcoming opportunities. Also, we can welcome and give ourselves permission to experience the Light, and the space of our unlimited potential.

I invite you to explore the realms of Light within your being and learn new healing techniques which I am grateful to offer in the following ways:



as directed from the Akashic Records by Rev. Dr.Olympia Freeman
2010 is the year for developing your self-worth. As part of the newsletter series on Self-Worth, the Lords of the Akashic Records asked that the following information be given out:

"With the passing of Father’s Day and the celebration of the founding of the United States, the Fourth of July, America has been delving into the aspects of Fatherhood.
What does Fatherhood mean to both men and women alike? How are the qualities of Fatherhood influencing us to balance our male and feminine qualities so that we can understand our self-worth and find our authentic self.   How can we support the worth of each soul?
This is a mysterious time to be alive as we are on the brink of creating good or disaster. With all beings facing such a brink there are many choices to be made, and opportunities to be created. It is a precious time to exercise and understand our authority and balance over issues of power and control.

 As part of the male species of humans, males have been faced with the issues of seizing, taking what they have wanted without thought. With this type of seizing it has been a taking without exercising our ability to listen to how our heart and higher wisdom is guiding us. This is now occurring more with women as they claim their independence. At this time in our history we are all now seeking to balance the male and female qualities within us. This is about learning to govern with gentleness, consideration, and compassion for all life. It is also having a conscious awareness for all life.

 Fatherhood, as a part of divinity, is a way to attain grace. It is the grace of putting our foot forward to help those around us including our family and honoring others as your brother, sister, or own child. With this cherishing comes intent to be supportive and encouraging for the best outcome. Some of us have exercised these qualities of fatherhood to a greater extent, while others are just participating by just seeding a child. Even women actively participate in the biological aspect of fatherhood by consenting to be the receptacle for the child. It is an action, a decision of offering their feminine power and support. The wisdom of fatherhood is to balance that offering with a healthy dosage of nourishment and support, which is essentially the female quality.
Fatherhood is not about exercising power and control, but a willingness to take action using discipline, gently withdrawing so that others can make their own decisions and choices. It is also not questioning outcomes but trusting in the higher aspect of life (the Higher Self) and being supportive, offering guidance when asked. This means that the greatest power of fatherhood is to step aside and support from afar. Such a supporting from afar is a knowingness that the quality of love will pervade, and that love gently supports all those in proximity. It is also an action of trust of the Godhead within each of us. Just as Source has given us free will the act of Fatherhood or teaming with our male qualities within extends to all the opportunity to learn from our actions and decisions. It is now time to support and honor our male qualities within each of us so it can support our feminine qualities. Accepting, providing, and letting go of the outcome, are the qualities of the Divinity of Fatherhood. These qualities are the opening of ourselves to becoming more creative and authentic beings.



As directed from the Akashic Records by Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman

Forgiveness is something, which is naturally part of human nature and the divine. It is just that man has closed his heart to this inherent part of himself, but he still has the ability to open that gateway.

There is a gateway of energy, which extends from the heart and goes all the way to the Godhead. It is holding forgiveness, non-judgement, acceptance, and praise for all of humanity in the heart.

The praise is for the self, meaning that you are able to open the heart and let bygones be bygones, and go past your personal pain, suffering or righteous anger. Acceptance is for yourself that you acknowledge that you are a human being who is not always perfect and realizes others also have flaws. This acceptance includes and extends to the others who have transgressed or wronged you. Non-judgement is knowing that you are your own judge, and the person who has wronged you is just as responsible for his or her own soul judgements. All human beings carry the seed of the Divine and make their judgements in wanting to please their own soul growth.

Forgiveness is having compassion not only for the other person, but also for you in knowing we are each an extension of each other. Forgiveness is the key, which unlocks your own heart, giving you the ability to go within. It is the peace that allows you to enter your own heart or grace. Having all these elements of forgiveness: compassion, praise, acceptance, and non-judgment open the gateway to the heart. This key to the heart opens grace in your life, which blankets you in a peace or calmness that says I am okay to continue. It claims I am all right not to be wounded, to detach myself from the circumstances, and have entered ever more into the flow of life. That is what forgiveness does for you.

We are often asked how do you go past the blame, anger, and resentment? Let go of the blame, anger, and resentment. Make a decision that it will no longer remain in your life, and it will begin to melt away. All these spiritual gifts or attributes you aspire to are the ways of opening up your humanity, opening up your emotions to go past yourself into the all knowing presence of your divinity. Every time you forgive you let go of anger, blame, hatred and so on, and enter grace. This grace is a part of being aligned with your own Beingness or energetic flow.


2010, A Year to Explore Your Self-worth
As directed from the Akashic Records by Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman

Besides restructuring finances and determining how families will survive financially, 2010 is a year for claiming your self-worth.

During this year, new vibrations are coming to the planet. As these new openings to change become seeded, remember there is a truth and a mutual energy exchange, a reciprocity, in everything you do. There is power in using this knowledge. Look to your actions, intents, and the effect it has in your immediate world. This new year is about understanding your soul’s worth. Part of this power is being appreciative and grateful for all the knowledge and lessons you individually carry and gain as a soul.

As spiritual beings the more you learn to appreciate and rejoice in your own energy, the more you have access to joy and reserves of energy. Meditation can increase this appreciation and refuel your energy. There are many ways to meditate including sitting in the stillness of your being, just going within or asking to be with Source. This going within is experiencing the essence of your being, and your soul’s worth. Being thankful and grateful for all the soul wisdom you have acquired is honoring your soul’s worth as you approach one of the greatest times in history. This soul education should be a primary focus. The physical vessel or body you have chosen is the very best resonance of your soul and should be cherished. It has the life force, the breath of being within each cell. It radiates the Creator’s touch in every nuance, word, deed, and action.

What you choose to put into your vessels is part of your worth, your knowledge. The food you eat daily is going to the enrichment of your body and what it will become in the next moment. The love, the kindness, you give to yourself and others is the cultivation of your soul and also becomes a source of upliftment of others. With this graciousness, you essentially edify yourself to support the growth of others. As this direction becomes of prime value, doors of opportunity for discovery, adventure, and new beginnings open daily. Each day becomes an adventure in your own divinity, and exploration of Spirit merging more into your vessel. If you think of meditation as a means of education then you find it has new reasons for being part of your life. Dedicate this year to educating yourself daily. This enlightment can take many paths and be as varied as reading books, meditating, collecting smiles, tenderness, and being of service to others.

How does increasing monies fit into your education and exploration of your self-worth?

Money is an energy exchange, and a means of growing and enriching your life when thinking in terms of resources and energy. For some it serves as a mirror of self-worth. So ask that your self-worth be valued. Intend and ask that your self-worth be measured by your qualitative attributes. If you are unsure of your qualities ask a trusted friend or wise counsel for a perspective on your good qualities. List them. Once you begin to value your individual qualities, your stock of self-worth rises. Your attributes are shiny examples of graces, deeds, smiles, gratitudes, kindness, thoughtfulness, gifts, and talents you have earned as a soul. See your attributes as being shiny endeavors of your self-worth.

You are each Midas in your own rights. As a Midas your stock rooms deserve to be full. See your attributes as equivalent to golden coins. Stock pile those gold coins before you and around you. The universe will automatically recognize the significance of the gold, and will draw the appropriate energy to create prosperity. This visualization or exercise is based on metaphysical principle

You deserve all the abundance and prosperity possible. Spirit is grateful for all the opportunities you are creating for yourself and others. This gratitude and appreciation gives you the right to have abundance. Your incarnation represents a testimony and rejoicement of this fact. Recognize it daily for this is what we imply as a means of education. Each day you are responsible for creating your thoughts, attitudes, and decisions to have a fulfilled life.

Instead of saying “take responsibility for your thoughts and actions” why not change it to you are surrounding and uplifting yourself in new directions or are embracing your education. For embracing your education implies , a sense of wonder, a new voyage, innovation, and gives you the power to transform your consciousness and what happens on your planet.

Rejoicing in the education of yourself affects the value of your own life and the value of others. This is why your self-worth is so paramount. Valuing your worth gives you the ability to heal, change your finances and destiny, and how you relate and interact with each other.

As cataclysms occur on your planet know that they are self-tests to determine how you respond to each others’ needs. This is a part of creating generosity and extending it to each other. Know that every time you extend generosity you increase it in your life, and this in turn affects your finances and your own value. You are Gods in the making. You are now changing the destiny of the planet, and bringing light in everything you touch and grace.

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As directed from the Akashic Records by Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman

As I traveled into the Akashic Records, a dimension that contains the primary substance of life and the Records of all souls, I asked the Masters what I should write about for this newsletter. They requested I write the following about Functionality.

The purpose of all life is to function from a space and understanding that warrants kinship with all life. Its purpose is to gain function with all life.

If an individual can’t see their place in the world and where they belong, where they fit in, their life loses meaning and functionality.

How does one know their functionality?

Each human being is flesh and blood. Blood pumps into their veins. Humans have the ability to turn their face to the sun. There is a heart beating, a glorious mechanism at work. Their heart has function. Their whole body is in the flow of life. That is purpose; that is beingness. Functionality is the opportunity to go forward, feel self-worth, and understand the measure of their own sincerity as a child of Light, A Creator, a Light being who shines the way for others.

Yet, how does each being find their specific purpose?

Imagine for a moment that there is a beautiful light in the center of your being. It is the primary flow of all life. This light is pulsating and radiating. It travels into the lower portion of your body and flows through your legs, and radiates out from the bottom of your feet connecting with the center of the Earth. Light beams travel from your feet connecting with the center of the Earth. Your light and the light from the center of the Earth become connected until you feel a generous warmth and overflowing of love from the center of the Earth. Allow it to absorb into your being. This light travels to the center of your being, traveling and flowing into the middle torso of your body and then flowing to the top of your head, out through the crown chakra, traveling to the 8th chakra, which is located approximately 18 inches above your head.

As this flow reaches that area, 18 inches over the head, you feel a pulsating connection to Father Sky, the sun of your being, a golden warmth radiating into your entire being. Absorb this golden light. Allow it to permeate your being and energize your whole body. Let it melt away any tensions. That energy, that golden brilliance now flows and travels into your solar plexus. It rests there for a moment. Now this light, this brilliance flows into your heart. This brilliance brings light and warmth into your heart.

As you follow the Light into your heart, you find a beautiful crystal vessel, or a crystal chamber radiating light out from within your heart. This brilliance lights the chamber. Allow your awareness to enter the chamber. As you go inside the chamber, you find a vault. This is a special and spiritual vault, which pertains to you, a vault that opens upon your command or wish. It responds to your direction, and you command it to open. Inside the vault is a smooth, lovely, velvet box. You take a moment to observe, feel, or listen to the color tone of the box. You open the box. Inside the box is a golden key. You look at the key keeping it exactly in the position you found it. And now you place the key in your hand, again keeping it exactly in the position you found it. Let it rest in the palm of your hand. You feel the warmth of the key radiating out to you. Give yourself a moment to feel its resonation

Now turn the key over. There will be a word written on it

What is the word written on it?

Take that word along with the key and picture yourself as if you were standing in front of yourself, and insert the key into your heart and turn it counterclockwise. As you turn it counterclockwise feel, see or hear, what comes to you on how to apply that word, or how to use it for others in your life. You may receive a few words, or a sentence, or feel a knowingness or even picture its energy.

Take a moment to absorb its message.


Now take the key with the written word, and place it carefully back into the special, velvet box. Place the box back within the vault, within the crystal chamber, knowing that anytime you wish you can return back to this special place to unlock anything else about your beingness. As you place the box within the vault, within the chamber you feel the essence of the key, the word, and its meaning for use with others infusing within your being. It radiates throughout your heart and now begins to infuse with your whole being.

Know that it will be done. Know that’s essence flows within your being.

The choice is yours on how to you this essence.

You may want to record this meditative exercise and play it back to do the meditation.

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Our lives are miracles in themselves. Rejoicing, be grateful and appreciative in all things we do and say takes us through life's challenges and day to day living. This is succeeding as a human and spiritual being. We are so used to be victims and feeling we failed because we didn't live up to ours and other's expectations. A great gift we can give ourselves is to realize we are not failures.

The fact that each one of us chooses to incarnate on Earth speaks of our inherent belief "WE CAN DO IT" and "WE ARE DOING IT". This is proof of our own innate nature to succeed. In our soul's belief, it is impossible to FAIL. Ideas that we are told "we are less than" holds no weight other than they are the opinions of persons who are choosing to make us less so that they can feel more powerful.

The fact that we have accepted unworthiness tells us that we can change because we were originally in a state of worthiness. We can exercise our power of LOVE by FORGIVING ourselves for not believing in OURSELVES, and the reality of our souls.

Each one of us can be our own cheerleader. We can shine the power of our own soul's light and believe in this inherent success. We can move into higher realms of awareness by believing and having faith that we can. Through our prayers and intentions we are led to all the opportunities, which will open doors for us. Affirm this. Trust this. Commit to this. Spirit would have never sent us here if it wasn't already intended and known that we could succeed. " - Olympia Freeman

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by Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman


Open your hearts and mind to that which is around you. Often, we think that Source has not heard our prayers and deepest inner thoughts. Sometimes there is just a message of love, as the trees with their gentle sway repeat: "I LOVE YOU." God's creation reminding us once more that every atom radiates with his love and testimony.

MontanaThere is a message in everything. God is not just an omnipresent being, but a living energy, which fills the entire universe with the breath of Life. Within that breath of life is our being, and ALL Being. Flooding our senses, giving us energy, chi, prana to experience and learn. Within this breath is the energy to create, to sustain, to be an aspect of the God-force. Every time we breathe we experience celebration of God, a renewal in our faith of life. You are a representation of the Highest, love beating with every moment. Beauty set to motion, the affirmation of the life force, God essence in motion. It is ours to experience this essence as you choose. How you express it is your sole decision, It is a gift, which can never be rescinded, but by yourselves: In actuality, To say this life is no longer to my expectations, I choose to end it. Yet in that choice, life continues. We move to another form of that same energy.

For those of you, that feels God or Source has abandoned you, or you feel that Creator has not heard your pleas and request for help and your heart desires - Look at yourself. Look at those sitting around you. They are God in motion. A living breathing representation of his/her handiwork. Science does not fully understand the human body and brain. Yet within this vehicle of the body, are the mechanisms for immortality, life expectancies for years beyond what we know as a scientific community we can achieve. Look to the great prophets. They are the testimony of this. Methuselah, son of Enoch, lived to be 969 years old. Enoch rose to the heavens, and lived 365 years. He did not die. He walked with God. (Genesis IV/17). Moses continued into his 120th year. At 80 years, he led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Each one of us is this divine essence, waiting to have all knowledge flow through your fingertips. Rekindle this information. Tap into the universe. All around you are the universe's answers for you. The tree that is gently swaying in the breeze is repeating the message from the Heavenly Father, "I LOVE YOU." The ocean swirling at your feet, is repeating with its ebb and flow, "Everything is in Divine Order." The bird that suddenly chirps loudly beside your window is a reminder of "Be Aware, energies are shifting for you." The driver, who is front of you, and going at a snail's pace, is a gentle reminder of "Have patience, all good things come in time." The ant hills and army that suddenly appear in your kitchen or sidewalk bear the message "Stop and build your foundation, step by step."

The universe is a carefully orchestrated procession of checks and balances, and dualities. Every moment not a dress rehearsal, but a dance of motion to meet your questions and answers, which bring you to your perfect moment in your soul scenario.

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Ghost and Soul Rescue

So, let’s talk about ghosts.

It seems to be a topic of discussion here in South Carolina. The South has always been fascinated with remnants of the past.

As a child I grew up in a house loaded with ghosts. As my awareness increased I came to realize that my parents had built their home on a piece of property that was once part of Native American burial ground. I remember digging in the back yard and finding Indian paint pots everywhere. I was an avid rock hound, attracted to anything that glittered on the ground including mica schist. Once in a while I would find a real treasure such as a fossil or a piece of quartz crystal.

It seemed I was always cold as a child. I was continually wrapping myself in a blanket. No matter how high the thermostat was turned up on the furnace, it seemed to be always cold and drafty in the house. That coldness seemed to radiate from the center of the house from the main hallway. It fact, my family called me the “mummy”, because I was always wrapped in a blanket.

My older sister resided upstairs. Many of the entities always resided upstairs. As I climbed the stairs to the second floor, I would encounter the wrath of not only the ghosts, but also my sister. A good deal of the time, my sister was like a fiery dragon, spitting out fire and brimstone. She would continuously get in to heated arguments with my father, to the point she would be unstoppable venting her rage. Many times my mother and myself would hold her back, so that either my father or she didn’t totally explode to a situation that would lead into violence.

Many ghosts are merely remnants of energy or data left behind from a soul, which once inhabited a physical body. This data is on endless replay from the times, space, beliefs, and emotions of how it once existed from the past. They are pieces of consciousness, which are still continuing to operate as an energetic shadow of its former self. The remaining fragments of data are no longer evolving, and are stuck. They are soul fragments; pieces of consciousness left behind which usually experienced some kind of trauma either from its death or life experience.

To put it mildly, there were a whole bunch of Indian ghosts living in my family’s house, especially with my sister. Definitely, fertile training ground for an energy worker as myself. To my family, I am grateful for such as experience.

The ghostlike fragments had moved for some reason to the top of the house. They found a continual outlet through my sister. The more they enraged her, the more they could feel through her and have energy. They no longer had a physical body.

Ghosts have auras or energy fields, without a soul. Meat and potatoes no longer sustain them. Their food now becomes the energy they collect from neighboring living, beings, animals or humans. They begin to generate energy from a nearby host through emotions. Whatever habits or cravings they had when they were in the physical now can be fulfilled through a living being. This is why ghosts can be found in bars. They are shadows of their former alcoholic selves, having their cravings fulfilled through the alcoholic consumption done by another human being. So, they will seek to create energy of like vibration.

The ghosts upstairs in my parents’ home were not very happy about having invaders, outsiders, who had moved onto their land. They continuously wanted to express their wrath. My parents had selected a piece of land that jutted out into the street as a triangle. Part of the triangle was vacant, and was maintained by the town where we lived. We called it the park. Both neighbors to the side of us were also warlike. One neighboring family was always continually fighting with my parents about boundary lines and the row of hedges, which separated themselves from our property. Years later, after they moved out, another warlike family moved in. The new family was continually having arguments within their own family, and was targeted by robbers. Our other neighbor bordering to the front of us was continually dealing with depression and illness. Both neighbors bordered onto this ceremonial land of the Native Americans. It seemed that no matter what my parents did they could never get the border of hedges, which adjoined the neighbors to grow properly. Even the town, could not fertilize enough or encourage the hedges bordering on the park to grow properly.

I came to the conclusion that the Native Americans, who had once inhabited this land, had considered their burial area sacred. They didn’t want anyone else disturbing the land. The remnants of their tribe, who had remained in spirit to guard the land, were not going to tolerate trespassers. They waged war in the only way available to ghosts, to energetically inhabit the physical bodies of their enemies. So, my family was haunted by a bunch of Indians.

Soon, these Indians began to attract other like vibrations, and their numbers increased.

Growing up in that household, was a challenge. I didn’t have the understanding that I came to gain after leaving that home. As a psychic child without defense, I turned my psychic abilities down to a numb. I could then function in a household, which refused to recognize the invisible chaos around them. As an older teenager, I would see all newly deceased beings walking the streets. It wasn’t until I learned to drive, swerving the car to avoid hitting them, that I realized other folks couldn’t see them. I learned to be silent about my sight and feelings.

People would invite me over to their homes, and I would hear the chatter of the invisible realms, ghosts and other fragments, contained within their homes. Momentarily, the ghosts would be amazed and happy that someone could hear and see them. For the most part most of the ghosts were upset about the new family living in their house or on their land. They wanted them to leave, and were resistant to any change. There isn’t much difference between what ghosts want or how they act from the livings’ behavior.

As a growing, young adult, all I knew to do, was to offer some comfort to the ghosts, and explain the reality of their situation. They were dead, no longer physical. Most living people were not open to hearing or seeing them. I would offer to get them help, and call in Angels who would be there to help them move on to the Light. The majority of the time, the ghosts were still in a stupor, operating from the beliefs, emotions, and attitudes they once knew when they existed in physical flesh. It seemed many of the ghosts even when they had been living didn’t know about the death process, and finding the Light, and so how could they realize that they had now become ghosts?

I was able to make a truce with the ghosts, confining them to a small portion of the house, if the living family was willing to give a part of a room or portion of space to the ghosts. Each one of them would honor the boundaries. The living family was then left in peace, and could go about their daily occurrences. I knew the guarding Angels would continue to create moderation between the living and the invisible. In time, from the grace and the energy of their light, the Angels would encourage the ghosts to step into the Light. The drawback was there was no guarantee when this would happen. It could possibly take weeks, years or lifetimes, but eventually it would happen.

That was then. Now, I am not concerned with negotiating or doing therapy on ghosts. My current understanding seems to follow more parameters of Soul Rescue work with both the living and the dead. All of us are seeking to be one with the Light. Mostly, I feel and sense all kinds of stuck energy. These types of energies, ghosts, soul fragments, and even pieces of trapped thought forms or collective mass consciousness appear to me as energy patterns. There are all kinds of energies existing or cohabiting in our world. Many of them don’t understand what has happened to them.

Ghosts or fragments which some of us suspect are positive or seemingly not negative are still creating some kind of energy issues and challenges for us. In order for them to continue to exist they still must eat, so they continue to draw energy from us in the only way they know to survive. Our life force can be affected or siphoned by a neighboring, invisible visitor.

Now, in dealing with the invisible realms I just get down to the business at hand with compassion for all parties. If it is relevant to my client or a situation, I find out why the invisible energy is there and what it has been creating for my client. There is always a happy ending for all involved energies including myself.

Escorting lost energies safely and easily into the Light opens new levels of compassion and understanding within us. Soul Rescue work also involves honoring all life forms including those who might incur our distaste for sucking on the energy of our loved ones. This compassion opens untold doors to greater realms of awareness and being unconditional. Experiencing that unconditional space or oneness is the beginnings of true freedom to me. Not only can we free the lost or haunting, energy, but we can also set ourselves free. Ever time we call the Light to ourselves, and merge the lost energy into the Light it creates freedom. Within that Light, the joy of oneness, and greater expansion as souls exist simultaneously. Something within ourselves, which may have been stuck, also now gets released. As we release former shadows of other beings, and ourselves we become more conscious. That is so paramount and vital to our survival as sentient beings. Our cellular structure becomes affected for the better, and a greater awareness of becoming fully present in the moment emerges.

Our perceptions shift by discovering the unknown, the invisible realms, which coexist in our world. Soul Rescue work has its rewards. Fear of the unknown now becomes knowledge, strength, and freedom. With our intentions to be of service to other life forms, and free, lost energies, we become more conscious of ourselves. As evolving souls, our journey is about becoming conscious. Perhaps, this is why our intentions are considered to be our greatest assets for growth and defense for protection. It is the willingness and intent within each one of us, to be of service, which allows us to shift to greater awareness.

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